May 10 2006

You can skip this one.

So on Saturday, on top of Cole getting sick, I also managed to develop poison oak. Seriously, I have NO IDEA how I got it. I wasn’t doing anything outside in the bushes, my dog didn’t get into any, I didn’t do anyone else’s laundry (or my own, for that matter) or any of the other explanations everyone has come up with. No Clue.

Yet, it’s still there. I have it on my right wrist, the back of my left hand, up both arms, up my left shin and ON MY FACE. I feel so lovely…

An obsessive/compulsive like me should never get skin conditions. When I get a sunburn I can’t stop peeling the skin (sometimes, when it’s a really bad one, the pieces that peel off are HUGE. I LOVE that.). With the poison oak, I can’t stop draining the blisters (that sounds even more gross written out than it did in my head). Luckily, they are teensy-tiny and there’s really not much there. But all the same… ick. I just can’t help myself. I have a scar on my leg from about 19 years ago that is only there because I couldn’t keep myself from picking at the scab. It’s really stupid. I annoy even myself.

And it doesn’t stop with me. I pick at my husband and son, too. It drives John CRAZY but Cole is too little to be able to run away yet! HAHA!!

And really, I think it’s pretty gross, too. It’s not that I like to do it- I just CAN’T STOP. Honestly, even Prozac never stopped it (plus I hated it and didn’t take it for very long).

Now that you know WAY too much about me, tell me: do YOU have habits/obsessions/compulsions that you’re less than proud of? Whatever it is, you can tell me. It can’t be worse than mine.