May 11 2006


I just saw the house! I love the house, I love the house, I love the house!! We need to get this place!

Okay, enough with the exclamation marks, but I am so excited about it. They allow dogs (!) but it doesn’t smell like dirty dogs inside- big plus. The back yard is quite large and is part “natural” yard and part deck which would be perfect for Yoko and barbeques (!). It has central heating and air (not on propane- woohoo(!)) AND a woodstove AND a fireplace. It’s three bedrooms and two baths. The Master bedroom has a sliding glass door that goes to the back deck. There is a lot of natural light, which I love. It’s all on one level, except for the living room which drops down a step. It has beautiful trees all around outside. It has a HUGE garage. The neighborhood is really quiet, too.

The only real drawback? It doesn’t have a refrigerator. But, at the price, I can buy a frige and STILL save money in the long run.(!)

I must have this house.

If we get this house I am SO having parties here. I’ll cook- just show up and bring what you want to drink. Sound good? See you there. (!)

(Did I mention I’ve already memorized the address?)

May 11 2006

Where I attempt to combat the significant downturn this page has recently taken.

Tell me: does this look like a 6 month old to you? Seriously- where’s he getting the steroids?
(BTW- his shirt has Yoda on it and says “Size Matters Not.” Yeah- of course it doesn’t matter when you’re HUGE.) (Thanks to my sis for the shirt though. She had no idea he would be so big.)

And this. This did not come out of me. This is too big.

Run for your lives! It’s a MONSTAH!!

But this one? I will claim. O my goodness- the squishiness!

I just love this little man. I only wish he would slow down and let me catch up. This is all going too fast and it seems like I’m missing it.