May 12 2006

Wow. So. Different.

Can you believe the change? But still so much the same?

The first is from when he was about six weeks. The second is six months. Doesn’t he just get prettier as time goes by (despite the green bean and spaghetti noodle face)?


May 12 2006

Can’t I Just Hand Her a Fiver?

Today, I’ve been informed, is child-care professional appreciation day. If I had known last night, I could have done something about it. But, of course, I didn’t find out until lunch time was almost over, so no chance of doing anything about it. I’m thinking that I can drive like a desperate mad woman over to the nursery (the plant one, not the baby one) and pick something out. Any suggestions? What flower says “Thank you for caring for my child, wiping his snot and his stinky butt day after day, cuddling him and having fun with him when I can’t, and letting him bring home lots of germs to his family?” Iris? Daisies? Really, I just have no experience here.

Thank you to our Child Care Professionals- we’re jealous that you get to spend so much time with our wonderful kids, but we couldn’t make everything work without you.

May 12 2006

If only I got this channel, but I have to foil up the rabbit ears to even get NBC.

I am not a fan of CSI: Miami, but I have watched it enough to find this very amusing. It seems to me, though, that you court disaster no matter what your beverage of choice happens to be.