May 16 2006

Blah-di Blah, blah, blah.

Well, right now my computer is not cooperating and I can’t post pictures. Perhaps the preciousness is overwhelming. Maybe you all should be thankful that you were spared the diabetes that would undoubtedly come from seeing all the the pictures of my sweet baby boy that I had in store for you. There’s always tomorrow!

As I happened to mention earlier, we got our house today. I wish I could say we were buying it, but it’s just a rental. Still, it’s fantastic. The best part is that we can keep Yoko and she will have a great place to run during the day in the backyard. It may be the best place she’s lived in so far! It’s my favorite house that we’ve lived in, and we haven’t even lived there yet (maybe that’s why it’s still my favorite) (Of course, you couldn’t get a whole lot worse than the house we had in Humboldt). I really think we’ll be happy there. It’s a good home for a small family like ours.

And you are ALL invited to come visit! It’ll be great! If we run out of room in the house, you can sleep on the porch- it’s California, it won’t rain! (Oh wait, what am I saying? Even if we were living in a 4 person tent I would have sleeping spaces enough for everyone who reads this page anymore.) It’s a great party house and I think it needs to be broken in. Please don’t make me invite co-workers. Please?

We’re moving in on June 2. We need to figure out how to afford first month’s, the deposit, a washer, and a refrigerator before then. It’s the washer and the frige that are the sticky parts. Unfortunately, I cannot be a mother without the two. They are plainly just necessities and that’s all there is to it. I will not wash out his onesies in the ditch and keep the baby food jars cool in the toilet tank.

Moving in is thrilling though, isn’t it? All the possibilities. The fresh start. The good intentions for keeping things clean. A new direction for decorating (No. You CANNOT hang the Led Zepplin poster in the living room. We ARE NOT in college anymore!). I am the kind of person who, when I actually get the time to do it, loves taking everything out of my bag (I can’t use the word purse- it’s too girly), cleaning everything, and putting it all back properly. Moving in is like that for me. Everything gets it’s own place. I can impose so much order. I love it.

I also love playing house. You don’t think about having to clean your new place daily when you’re moving everything in and setting it up.

And I even like that new house thing of eating pizza while sitting on the floor where the dining room table would go, if you had a dining room table.

I guess I hate moving out of houses (OHMIGAWD- it’s amazing how much crap you can accumulate in only 2 years) but I love moving into them. Is that wrong?

AND we get to set up Cole’s crib again. I’m taking bets on how easy it will be to try to transition a 6 1/2 month old, dedicated cosleeping baby boy into a crib. Any takers? Anyone want to do it for me? I don’t know if I have the strength.

May 16 2006



It’s a good day.