May 18 2006

Oh Holy Crap, the Pictures! They Are Taking Over!!

To set the scene, these were some of the amazing Iris that were blooming last weekend. There were even more, but I needed the space on my memory card for pictures of Cole, obviously.

Here is Cole on the day we were supposed to be in the parade (didn’t happen). He was dressed as a baby from the Gold Rush era. They were all dressed like girls then.


(Talk about freaks- that’s my mother on the sidelines POSING the freakin’ cat to get her in the shot.)(Unless you actually thought that my cat could fly. Which she can. Totally.)

And here’s more lounging in the wagon. Cole says “Hi!” and he’s saving you a space right next to him.

(Side note on the whole wagon thing: If your child is just barely able to sit up by himself, it’s a good idea to put pillows in back for when you are pulling the wagon. I’m not saying it happened to me, but without this advice many parents have started pulling the wagon twice and had their child’s precious head thunk against the back twice before they figured out that the whole pillow idea is a good one. Now you know and don’t have to make the same mistake.)

For those of you new to the non-stop party here at heels, this is the doggie I’ve been trying so hard to hold on to. Everyone thinks she’s a boy. She’s NOT. She’s just in touch with her masculine side.

(Side note on the dog thing (side-side note to self: “dog-thing” sounds kinda wrong. Avoid in future.): when I was looking for a dog in the shelters of Pittsburgh, one of the pups I could have taken home was a hermaphrodite. My dog is not.)

And yet more of Cole enjoying the newly re-discovered wagon. What a babe.

Dang, his cheeks look chubby.