May 23 2006

Weekend Recap

We went to Sacramento this weekend to visit some friends, one of whom just graduated with a BS in Engineering. I expressed my condolences. (Just kidding- Congratulations, Aaron!) We had a lovely weekend, showing the bubba off to people who had never seen his wonderfulness in person before. And then we went to Ikea.

Yea! Ikea!

(Only, boo! Ikea! because I don’t have enough money.)

We got two new dressers because we had to leave our dressers in Pittsburgh. I like these even more! And they’re all matchy-match. What is it about matching furniture that makes me feel so much like an adult? I think my priorities are mis-aligned. Should work on that…

My one regret about the whole weekend? I had my camera with me THE WHOLE TIME and took NOT ONE picture. Such. A. Dork.

But, we’re going to San Francisco this weekend and I won’t be making the same mistake. Expect pictures of us cavorting at the Zoo, romping at the Aquarium and doing… whatever it is you’re supposed to do… on Haight (maybe we should hold off on that one- Cole is too young and impressionable yet).

Speaking of not enough money (when do I stop?!), I found a great list of kid’s books and have compiled the ones that I want for Cole in my Wish List on Amazon. Only, they add up to about $200. I totally value reading, but $200?! Sorry kid, you’re going to be illiterate. Good thing we live in the county (and country) we do- no one will ever notice.

And soon, we move!! I’m so excited I could barf.

May 23 2006


HA! Funny.