Jun 01 2006

Tomorrow better be Friday.

Do you ever have those days where you think “I might get thrown in jail for murdering this co-worker, but dammit, it just might be worth it.”

And then you look at this face and realize that nothing that would take you away from him would be worth it.

Can you believe he was only 6 DAYS old at the time of this picture?


I bought our first refrigerator today. It’s not new, but it’s new to us! It looks like the fridge I grew up with. It’s a little creepy. I expected to open it and find 15 year old leftover spaghetti inside.

Sadly, they can’t deliver it until Monday, so our first weekend in the house will be spent eating out of a cooler. That’s alright, beer tastes better out of a cooler anyway. And we’ll have plenty of running water for SHOWERS and COFFEE. I can live without a fridge for a couple days, but not my 15 minute shower or my single cup of coffee. It’s the little things…

Something else that has become an afternoon work necessity is M&Ms.; I never used to like M&Ms;, but I now have a small cup (y’know- those tiny paper ones that come from the dispenser on the water cooler) every weekday afternoon. I’ve got to cut it out. I’ve been justifying it because I’m a new mom, y’know, and the sleep? Is not always so good. Or forthcoming. Sugar is my drug of choice! But I’ve been wearing WAY too many stretchy, drawstring, and wrap-around bottoms lately- never a good sign.


We’re signing the lease tomorrow and getting the keys! YEA for not living with parents any more! YEA for having enough space to set up a crib again! YEA for not having caved about the dog!

All I need is a washing machine and I’ll be complete.