Jun 02 2006


Today, at 1:00 PM, I get my house.

This is big, people, because if I had to wait much longer I was going to say some things to my mother that I never want to have to say to her because,  ultimately, I love her.

But, beyond that, NEW HOUSE! It could only be better if I was buying it. Or if it was free. Yeah… free house would be sweet…

Accordingly, this weekend’s weather is supposed to be nasty. Not rain, like we usually get when we move, but humid (which is unusual for this area) and HOT. Like, approaching 100 degrees hot. Yes, I realize that it will get hotter later this summer, but I’m not moving later this summer, either. And by not moving I mean not getting off of the bed with the fan blowing on my naked body unless it’s to go to the pool.

(Oh yeah, except for that work baloney.)

And there are no moving trucks for rent in the whole town so we have to do the whole thing in a pickup and a Toyota Landcruiser from 1980 that isn’t exactly the most reliable starter (even though I love that truck with all of my heart that I can give to an old truck).  At least it’s cheaper that way.

On a totally unrealated note, John and I went out by ourselves for only the second time since Cole was born. We went to the movies and saw “X-Men (what, 3 now? Jeez.).” In a word- terrible. I didn’t mind the first two, but this just had cheese oozing out of its pores. Blech. The highlight was the “Angel” mutant, not because he was neat (a little pukey, actually), but the scenes of him flying over San Francisco. I kept imagining him as the flying scourge of the San Francisco skies, swooping in to steal corn dogs right out of tourist’s hands and then pooping on everything. Funny stuff. Not the movie, the pooping.