Jun 05 2006

Please, make me stop.

The worry! The anxiety! The pointless comparison!

I can’t help it- there are two babies I know/read about frequently who were born the same day and the day after Cole was, respectively. I will preface this by saying that both of these babies are girls. But here’s the thing: they both have teeth; they are crawling and, in one case, pulling up and walking around things.

Cole is doing none of that. The teeth? The teeth that he was threatening to push through MONTHS ago? Not here. The crawling? He hates even trying. He lies on his belly and just whines and moans while sort of pushing himself in a circle very, very slowly. He won’t even get his knees underneath him. When I put a toy in front of him so that he’ll have an incentive, he tries for a second and then puts his face down on his hands and groans. He likes to stand up if someone is holding his hands, but he won’t bounce and he randomly just lets his knees give out so that, if he were standing unassisted, he would just collapse in a baby puddle. He’s becoming very dramatic.

What do I do? Should I be worried like I am? All babies do these things on their own schedule, right? I mean, this doen’t mean he’s not still brilliant, does it?

I really need some reassurance here.

He has a well-baby check-up on Thursday. He hasn’t had one since he was about 3 months old. I don’t know for sure how much he weighs or how tall he is or any of that doctor’s office stuff. I’m sure that’s not helping my anxiety.

But any kind words you could give me would help, even just “shut the eff up- your kid is fine and we’re sick of hearing about it” or “don’t worry about it yet because you can’t even tell about some forms of retardation until they’re older”. The first is possibly more comforting, but please be honest.