Jun 14 2006

My Baby Einstein

I have started using baby sign language with Cole in the hope that he will be better able to communicate and to avoid potential frustrations (at least a couple) along the way.

And oh my goodness- is he brilliant. I have only been using the sign for milk for a short time now, but he already responds to it. When I sign it, he flaps his arms, kicks his legs, makes little noises, and leans forward with his mouth open as if my hand was his bottle.

I have also started using food/eat, good, and more. Tonight I will start sleep/tired.

He doesn’t use the signs himself yet (he doesn’t even quite have the coordination to leave a cheerio in his mouth- he just sucks on his fist with the cheerio safely trapped inside), but I can see the interest. He stares intently at my hands when I sign.

It’s so exciting to see him growing and learning. This is the most wonderful part of being a parent for me. The hugs and kisses are fantastic, and I would never want to do without them. But the chance to see a human develop from birth- it’s priceless. It’s unmatched. And it’s amazing to think about how we all develop so differently, even though the steps we all have to take are fundamentally the same. What incredible creatures we all are.

Jun 14 2006

I think I’m alone on this one…

I just ran an errand for work. I was driving through town and went to pull into a left turn lane. As is my habit (from bus driving days), I checked over my left shoulder to see that no one had pulled in there before me, only to freak out when I saw a car directly beside me! We were going to crash!!

Only, upon double checking, not a car, after all. Just the edge of my own sunglasses. Am insufferable bonehead.