Jun 16 2006

Will the weekend erase these problems? No, but the time off and a big bottle of Tequila will sure make it feel a lot better!

The past three days now I have been called in to see the head of HR. Not because I’m doing something wrong, but because I have reported on the unacceptable behavior of others in my office.

What do I mean by unacceptable behavior? Well, one guy was just milimeters away from seriously sexually harrassing me (and I’m pretty fuckin’ easy going) and another has been berating people behind their backs but in front of me. I’ve had enough. I don’t want to hear this crap anymore, so I told my supervisor who told HR.

A part of me feels like a tattle-tale, like I should be able to just buck up and forget about it. The thing is, I know that too many of the major problems in this office spring from the horrible attitude of, particularly, these two guys. Only, they are “so valuable” that they get away with it and have for years.

But enough is enough. I’m tired of the harrassment and disrespect. They treat me like a tool who is just here for their use and not worth their notice otherwise. I don’t deserve it.

You be nice to my momma.

Or I’ll huck a loogie on your forehead.