Jun 22 2006

Project: Birthday Dream Party- Update!

I took my nephew out shopping for a present last night. Unlike what I expected, when we walked into the aisle with the toys, he immediatley grasped the concept that we were shopping for a girl and that she has different taste than he. It was amazing, considering he’s only 4. He almost instinctively chose toys that I think she will love (for the maximum time allotted to any one toy- about 15 minutes). I was totally shocked. He’s only met this girl once and it was several months ago. They didn’t really spend much time together and didn’t exactly get to know each other well. I don’t know where he learned how to shop for a girl, but if he has a wife when he grows up, and he still shops for women this well? She will be a happy woman. I mean, he has no love for girly things (that I could tell) but he even picked out the perfect gift bag- the Disney Pricesses. My niece is enthralled by the Disney Princesses. How he knew that? I don’t believe I’ll ever know.

He was a pleasure to shop with. He made up his mind quickly and made really good choices. Even when we saw things that he wanted (a Bambi stuffed toy was one) he was willing to just look and never begged to take something home. He didn’t seem disappointed at all that he didn’t get a treat or anything. I even asked if he wanted to play with the Bambi until we got to the register, but he politely declined. Again, I was seriously impressed. He was lovely to be with. (Until we got to the restaurant, but that’s another story. At that point, he was also his grandmother’s responsibility, and for that I was thankful!)

So I have hope that, if a 4 year old boy can so easily shop for a 6 year old girl, maybe I, too, will find deep reserves of inspiration and we can pull off a great party for my niece.

But, just in case, suggestions are still very much appreciated.

(Really, what do you think about the dog poop game? ‘Cause our backyard is really starting to need it anyway. No? Are you sure?)