Jun 23 2006

Maybe I should sue.

Last night we went to a friend’s house so that John could fix their computer. It turned out to be an easy fix (the monitor was plugged into the wrong port- my friend feels like an ass!), so we were all hanging out talking in their kitchen. I had gotten Cole to sleep after a bit more fussiness than usual and a full, 8 oz bottle. He was passed out on my chest (making us both sweat because OH MY GAWD! The HEAT!

All of a sudden, as I’m gazing down at my son’s beautiful sleeping face, he opens his mouth and I feel like I’m in a scene straight out of Exorcist. A fountain of undigested formula came gushing out of his fully open mouth and landed all over me, him, and the floor.

I froze, still not really sure what had just happened. As my friend ran to the sink for a rag, I slowly came to my senses and peeled Cole off of me. He was not crying and didn’t even seem upset. He started coughing and I got another wave of stomach contents.

Their dog went to work on the floor and had it cleaned up in minutes. My friend gave me a new shirt, but we’re pretty different sizes, so I was stuck with my own soaked pants. We decided that it was a good time to make our way home and left.

As I was buckling him into his carseat, Cole continued to bring stuff up. Eventually I could tell that there was nothing left. I called my mom and warbled and freaked out in her ear as I drove to Rite Aid for electrolytes and juice. I was sure that we would have a night of no sleep and a lot of mopping. Talking to my mom made me feel better and I was able to calmly go into the drugstore.

While waiting for the cashier, a line formed behind me. I was feeling very aware of how I must smell (with the puke still soaking every piece of clothing but the borrowed shirt) and that the puke must have made its way ALL the way down my front and it looked like I had peed myself. I was hoping that, upon seeing that I was clutching Pedialyte and apple juice, anyone wondering would get the idea.

We got home and I got two small bottles worth of water with a tiny bit of apple juice into Cole’s tummy. And it stayed there.

We took a lukewarm shower after taking his temperature (normal) and he still wasn’t sicking up.

We got ready for bed and laid down and played with books for a while and he was still okay.

He woke up seeming normal and happy, so I broke the rules and took him to daycare. I haven’t gotten a call yet.

Our best guess is that it was food poisoning. We purchased some small cans of pre-mixed formula for emergencies a few weeks ago. We had used some while out shopping and they had been fine. Then it got hot. I wondered about leaving them in the car in the heat so I checked the labels and packaging thuroughly to see if they said anything about not storing it above room temperature or whatever, but there had been nothing about it.

So last night, when I fed him a can of it, I wasn’t expecting anything unusual. Apparently, they should add that warning to the cans, because we can’t find that anything else could have been the cause of his illness.

But at least it wasn’t a stomach bug. As much as I could stand to lose a few pounds, puking is not really the way I want to do it.