Jun 28 2006

My title of Worst Mother Ever is firmly deserved now.

Yay! Beer!!
Mom, I’m soooooo…
I can’t even sit up straight in this exer-thingy.

Is this thing on?
Jun 28 2006


Oh my goodness- I’m so sorry about the no posting. Weekend- crazy! (but good), Monday- wicked! (and NOT good), yesterday- a real mixed bag…

The birthday party was wonderful. We had a great time. The timeline went like this: Kids got there (her parents came and set up that morning); They ran around in the heat like crazy people for a while; asked to watch cartoons and were disappointed to hear that we only get one channel of tv; watched about 15 minutes of Finding Nemo; Adults made Margaritas; Margaritas finished in seconds flat; Kids ran around like crazy people; Lunch; crazy running; beat a pinata to death; crazy running; presents; crazy running; cake; crazy running; they all went home.

Nothing red and permanent was spilled on the carpet, I have not found cake stuffed in the VCR. All in all- SUCCESS! Her parents even cleaned up after!

Sunday we swam. The heat, it was brutal all weekend! I mean, over 100 degrees brutal. Sunday was a relly nice, relaxing day.

Then came Monday.

That morning, Cole had a blow-out that looked something like butternut squash soup (yummy, huh?). All over the couch. I didn’t really know what to do because I really needed to come in to work. So, I took him in to daycare. I let the daycare lady know what had happened and told her that she should call me if it got worse.

I got a call that afternoon from her, telling me that it had happened twice more and that he was acting really fussy (which is totally unusual for him). I asked her if she needed me to pick him up and she said no. I just couldn’t get away from work! I felt so bad!! Then the network here at the office went down (so no post) and so I left at 4 and picked him up.

I was afraid that Monday night would be a bad one, but it wasn’t terrible. He continued to poo, but there wasn’t much left so it wasn’t messy. I gave him a bath that he seemed to enjoy very much.

The rule for daycare is that the day after illness like that, the kids can’t attend. So I stayed home with Cole on Tuesday. John was home with us for the morning- seems he caught whatever Cole had- but, ridiculously, he decided to go to work for the afternoon. Idiot. (Me not at work+Network still down=no post)

So Cole and I went grocery shopping, birthday present shopping (for John! It’s tomorrow!), had a nap together and had frozen yogurt (his first!) (Don’t worry- he hardly had any). Then he slept all night. YES!!!

So I thought that everything would be alright this morning. What was the first thing he did? Yup- blow out. At least it was on an orange towel…

He went in to daycare anyway. I really hope he’s okay. I don’t know what to make of all this. All I know to do is keep offering fluids and cheerios (which is what he eats mostly anyway). Daycare will call me if he doesn’t improve.

Do I sound heartless leaving my poor little baby at daycare when he feels yucky? I feel like the worst mommy on earth. He let me know what he thought about it this morning when he cried as I left. 

I’m an asshole. How are you?