Jun 29 2006

Huge Ethical Dilemmas here.

First of all- today is John’s Birthday! Go tell him to have a great one.

This morning, after yet ANOTHER blowout (this time in the exersaucer- lovely! You know, the drain holes in the base of the exersaucer seem like a good idea until there’s a pint of liquid poop poured inside) and the subsequent scrubbing of hands, John and I went to get scones from our favorite place. Because of his birthday, not because I’ve been craving them daily. Nothing like that.

I walked in and was able to order immediately. I didn’t dither, I didn’t ask for extras, I had correct change, and I was pleasant.

I think I got a little glare for not tipping.

I’m a big tipper- when I think it’s deserved. If I ask for extra work, i.e., warming my scone, making an espresso drink, double wrapping, or bussing my dirty plates and garbage, then I tip. I tip more the more effort it takes. I am overgenerous most of the time.

But reaching in a case, putting a scone in a bag, and taking my money? That’s just your JOB. That’s what you get paid your basic salary for. I’ve worked a LOT harder in sales without any kind of tip or extra compensation. A tip is not DESERVED, it is EARNED.

Am I wrong? I admit, I have never worked in food service- for a reason! I imagine it really sucks. But where do we draw the tipping line? Do I tip you just because you smiled at me and said “Have a good day”? I think not.

So, do you agree? What are your tipping guidelines? I’d like to hear especially if you’ve been in food service. When do you tip?