Jul 20 2006

While I’ve been away…

What a week. And it’s not even over (Sob).

Just got away from me, with all the work I had to do.

PRESSURE!PRESSURE!PRESSURE! On everyone in my group to get a big report out. That should have gone out on MONDAY at the LATEST. It still didn’t get out for lots of reasons, but I got into a “discussion” with a co-worker that led to him raising his voice to me in a VERY inappropriate manner (this is the co-worker with whom I have had run-ins before) which caused me to walk out while he was still “talking” and going straight to HR. WOO HOO! FUN times.

Then… I went to a bellydancing class. I didn’t tell you all about it before because I didn’t want to be all “Yeah, I’m going to bellydancing. I’m going to love it and totally be a natural and rock the whole belly/tribal dancing WORLD” and then go to the class and hate it. But I loved it, even though I felt like an uncoordinated duck. I was told I’d be sore, but, so far, not so much.

I worked 7 1/2 hours on that same project! But I got it out. Then had yet ANOTHER meeting with HR. Goddamn, do I hate those meetings. That was the WHOLE DAY.

After work, John wanted to go swimming so we went to my parent’s house. He took the baby in the pool and I had a nap. O Bliss- thy name is NAP! Ahhh, refreshing. He also cooked dinner. It was a good night after a crushing day.

Until I went to search through the boxes in our garage. I was in a corner next to the stairs when I heard a scrabbling sound and saw a RAT, A FUCKING RAT, come flying out of…wherever the fuck he was, and STRAIGHT AT MY FLIP-FLOP SHOD FEET. All I could do was scream and stomp my feet to make it clear that coming any closer to me was sure death by trampling. He got the clue and disappeared somewhere. It still makes me shudder. Uuuugggghhh.

Today I have meetings, but with FREE FOOD!! WOOT!

(And I think that the co-worker I do not get along with is precariously close to getting canned. I’m not getting my hopes up, but I can’t help occasionally quivering with glee. I’ll let you know, of course, because I apparently can’t have anything happen in my life without you lucky, lucky people hearing about it.)

Jul 19 2006

JOY is…

… this baby, no matter what else is happening in my life.

Jul 18 2006


Yesterday times 1 million.

I swear- I’ll have something better soon. Please don’t leave me!

Jul 17 2006


CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY WORK. I love you guys.

That is all.

Jul 14 2006


Oh yeah, the movie we saw…

It was Pirates of the Carribean (spelling? I always forget that word- 2 r’s? 2b-s? none of the above?).

Awful. Just dead awful. But lots of fun. Worth seeing on big screen if only because of Johnny Depp and that it will have no reedeming factors on a tv. And because it’s a connector movie almost more than anything else. It does NOT stand alone. In fact, that makes it suck even more!

But still fun! Actually, I kept thinking about parts of it this morning and trying to figure out what book I had been reading. Then I’d realize that it was the movie and feel really stupid.

The CGI really was impressive. And Cole slept through 2/3 of it. Perfect!

(Thanks, J., for pointing out my glaring omission!)

Jul 14 2006

Please make the drama stop!

Okay, so, you remember the evil daycare lady? The one that was awful to Cole and then LOST that little girl? The one who stole $200 from me?


My family and I went to the movies last night. When I got into my seat, I realized that my parents had chosen seats right behind that woman and her family. This is a person I never wanted to see again for my whole life. I had to sit there for the whole movie trying desperately not to boot her in the head. (“Oh whoops! I slipped.”) I hope she felt the knives of rage coming from my eyes and piercing the back of her head.

But I didn’t do anything. Absolutely nothing.

So, when we went out to the lobby and I had to wait for everybody else to use the restrooms, I had no reason to think that I would get any shit back from them (the daycare family, not my family, coming from the bathrooms). But her husband, a short, bald, skinhead asshole, would not stop trying to stare me down. I tried to just ignore it, but he wouldn’t stop. My family came back from the restrooms and they noticed it, too (except John, who, though exceedingly bright, can be a bit oblivious to those kinds of things). My Dad was so concerned that he insisted on walking us to our car.

Again, nothing really happened.

But still, where does he get off, trying to intimidate us? They abused my child, I paid them several HUNDRED dollars for the privilege, and he stares ME down?

Fuck that. Fuck you.

Goddamn small towns.

(How much do you think I’d have to pay someone to firebomb their house? When their kids are gone, of course. ‘Cause I’m not evil.)

Jul 13 2006


This morning I paid someone to commit mass murder at my house. Yes, I finally broke down and brought in an exterminator. I think the deciding point for me was when, one night, I turned on the lights in the kitchen and heard the skittering legs of a wolf spider the size of a cat. Then I went outside to turn on the sprinklers and a black widow ran down the pipe when I turned the handle. The two events so closely spaced just pushed me over the edge. (Also, black ants came into the bathroom to tear to peices a dead wolf spider in the trash AND I squished a GIGANTIC red ant that was crawling on our foundation.) It was time to call out the big guns.

The whole time he was there I kept wanting to say “well, it’s a good thing you’re probably not a Buddhist, huh? Heh, heh, heh.” I’m such a dork.

He sprayed inside and out, soaking our deck with chemicals. (Note, if coming to our house: I don’t recommend chewing on the deck. I know, it was so tempting.) I left the pup inside today because she loves to use the deck as her “cave”, and I was afraid of her lying in that stuff all day.

He also found a black widow nest that he destroyed. (Hey, did I ever tell you about the time when I was a kid and I remember seeing my mom come out of our shed hollering and brushing something off her body frantically? And that it turned out to be baby black widows? Thousands of ‘em? Did I tell you that?)

So now my pwecious wittle bubba-kins won’t have any ucky ‘pider bites. And the neighbors won’t think my husband beats me everytime they hear me shreik because there’s a spider in the same room. Never mind that it’s not really a spider, and instead a piece of lint. (Not that that’s happened. ‘Cause that would be crazy, right?) (She’s a FUN crazy!)

(What’s with the parenthesis abuse lately?)

Jul 12 2006


I don’t really know what to write today. It’s been a day that has had me wanting to quit, plus I just got a call from the Property Management business we rent from. She told me that the appliance repair men came to fix my ceramic-top stove but couldn’t because it was broken in three places. The top. Is broken. And they are claiming it’s my fault, even though it was fine before the first time they came out. So now it’s a matter of my word against theirs. It’s a $400 part. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I know they broke it, but I don’t know how to prove it. What do I do? It’s eating my stomach up with anxiety. I DO NOT want to replace a part that I had nothing to do with breaking. I WILL NOT! Shit, what a mess this could be.

Jul 11 2006

Snapshot: Childhood

Watermelon Jolly Ranchers always make me think instantly of the first time I saw the movie Beetlejuice. It was in the old movie theatre here in town. I had a Watermelon Jolly Rancher in the “stick” shape (not the little nuggets they are now) and a cherry Coke. I remember dipping the candy into the soda as I watched the movie, but always keeping one eye on the huge hole in the ceiling tiles. I was absolutely convinced that Beetlejuice was going to come through the ceiling and kill me (I scared easily as a kid- I was even afraid of Gremlins, the movie). Somehow, it’s still a good memory.

What about you? Are there certain tastes/smells/sounds that never fail to bring you back?

Jul 10 2006

Post Heart Attack

My posting has been a little light as of late because I’ve been freaking the fuck out here, people. Pregnancy Scare!

But, whew, it all seems to be okay.

What’s wrong with me, though, that after all of my ranting about not wanting to have another kid, there was a little part of me that was really excited about the possibility (even though there could hardly be a worse time for us than right now!). Waiting in the doctor’s office I kept stealing jealous glances at the huge pregnant bellies and all of the masses of babies who were only weeks old.

(I think what I really wish is that I could remember Cole better when he was that little. I would love to revisit that time. He was (and still is) the most wonderful baby.)

But anyway- it’s given me some new  insights into myself while avoiding the financial ruin that another baby would mean a this time. Though I’m now more sure than ever that I really need to see a psychologist.

(A phrase I heard this weekend- “She’s crazy, but it’s a FUN crazy!”)

I’m getting into not going to BlogHer anymore. I’m still bummed, but I’m trying to make the best of it. I will instead be the support team for a group who will be hiking up Half Dome. I think Cole and I (and maybe my mum) will spend the day hanging out in Yosemite Valley and then put on a killer Welcome Back feast for the hikers (it’s a 16.34 mile hike that takes 10-12 hours. And on part of it you have to use CABLES to climb. Wicked.) Maybe we’ll hike some of the smaller trails and rent bikes for a couple hours. Or, if my Mom has her way, we’ll sit in the Awahnee Hotel all day and drink cocktails.

So don’t you wish you were me- going to Yosemite instead of stinky old San Jose? I didn’t want to go to San Jose anyway. Harumph.

This hike, by the way, and the day in Yosemite has an open invite. If you’d like to be included in any part of it, please email me at heelsblogatgmaildotcom. We’d love to have you along! Especially if you’re blowing off BlogHer to come up!! Come on- you know you’d rather spend a lovely day outside than in with your computer, right? Right?

(I can feel that I’m gettin’ no love back on that last one…)