Jul 10 2006

Post Heart Attack

My posting has been a little light as of late because I’ve been freaking the fuck out here, people. Pregnancy Scare!

But, whew, it all seems to be okay.

What’s wrong with me, though, that after all of my ranting about not wanting to have another kid, there was a little part of me that was really excited about the possibility (even though there could hardly be a worse time for us than right now!). Waiting in the doctor’s office I kept stealing jealous glances at the huge pregnant bellies and all of the masses of babies who were only weeks old.

(I think what I really wish is that I could remember Cole better when he was that little. I would love to revisit that time. He was (and still is) the most wonderful baby.)

But anyway- it’s given me some new  insights into myself while avoiding the financial ruin that another baby would mean a this time. Though I’m now more sure than ever that I really need to see a psychologist.

(A phrase I heard this weekend- “She’s crazy, but it’s a FUN crazy!”)

I’m getting into not going to BlogHer anymore. I’m still bummed, but I’m trying to make the best of it. I will instead be the support team for a group who will be hiking up Half Dome. I think Cole and I (and maybe my mum) will spend the day hanging out in Yosemite Valley and then put on a killer Welcome Back feast for the hikers (it’s a 16.34 mile hike that takes 10-12 hours. And on part of it you have to use CABLES to climb. Wicked.) Maybe we’ll hike some of the smaller trails and rent bikes for a couple hours. Or, if my Mom has her way, we’ll sit in the Awahnee Hotel all day and drink cocktails.

So don’t you wish you were me- going to Yosemite instead of stinky old San Jose? I didn’t want to go to San Jose anyway. Harumph.

This hike, by the way, and the day in Yosemite has an open invite. If you’d like to be included in any part of it, please email me at heelsblogatgmaildotcom. We’d love to have you along! Especially if you’re blowing off BlogHer to come up!! Come on- you know you’d rather spend a lovely day outside than in with your computer, right? Right?

(I can feel that I’m gettin’ no love back on that last one…)