Jul 14 2006


Oh yeah, the movie we saw…

It was Pirates of the Carribean (spelling? I always forget that word- 2 r’s? 2b-s? none of the above?).

Awful. Just dead awful. But lots of fun. Worth seeing on big screen if only because of Johnny Depp and that it will have no reedeming factors on a tv. And because it’s a connector movie almost more than anything else. It does NOT stand alone. In fact, that makes it suck even more!

But still fun! Actually, I kept thinking about parts of it this morning and trying to figure out what book I had been reading. Then I’d realize that it was the movie and feel really stupid.

The CGI really was impressive. And Cole slept through 2/3 of it. Perfect!

(Thanks, J., for pointing out my glaring omission!)

Jul 14 2006

Please make the drama stop!

Okay, so, you remember the evil daycare lady? The one that was awful to Cole and then LOST that little girl? The one who stole $200 from me?


My family and I went to the movies last night. When I got into my seat, I realized that my parents had chosen seats right behind that woman and her family. This is a person I never wanted to see again for my whole life. I had to sit there for the whole movie trying desperately not to boot her in the head. (“Oh whoops! I slipped.”) I hope she felt the knives of rage coming from my eyes and piercing the back of her head.

But I didn’t do anything. Absolutely nothing.

So, when we went out to the lobby and I had to wait for everybody else to use the restrooms, I had no reason to think that I would get any shit back from them (the daycare family, not my family, coming from the bathrooms). But her husband, a short, bald, skinhead asshole, would not stop trying to stare me down. I tried to just ignore it, but he wouldn’t stop. My family came back from the restrooms and they noticed it, too (except John, who, though exceedingly bright, can be a bit oblivious to those kinds of things). My Dad was so concerned that he insisted on walking us to our car.

Again, nothing really happened.

But still, where does he get off, trying to intimidate us? They abused my child, I paid them several HUNDRED dollars for the privilege, and he stares ME down?

Fuck that. Fuck you.

Goddamn small towns.

(How much do you think I’d have to pay someone to firebomb their house? When their kids are gone, of course. ‘Cause I’m not evil.)