Jul 24 2006

It’s clear that I have no real content today.

I’m. Too sexy for my shirt.

Too sexy for my shirt (rrrawr).

So sexyy it huuurts.
Jul 24 2006

Use your imagination

I just ordered my new camera. YAY!!

Until then, we just have an imaginary camera. The nice thing about it is that even Cole can get in on the action.

Jul 24 2006

Firstly- the winner of the last caption contest is….Ticknart!

“Mom, do you have any more ‘special’ brownies?”

Except that it should really say “Grandma” instead of “Mom”.

Moving on…


To give you some inspiration:

What’s that? You say bang louder? Don’t mind if I do!

Now it’s your turn. Please, I could really use a laugh. You have a choice this time. Please feel free to caption either or both of the following pictures (or any others, if that’s what makes you happy).

The only restriction- you are not allowed to say “Tune in Tokyo, Tune in Tokyo” for the second one.


Or whatever.
Jul 24 2006


I just cancelled my BlogHer reservation. Even though I was solid about not going, I had been avoiding actually taking that final step. My heart sank when I hung up the phone.

I’m really sorry that I’m going to miss you all. I’ll be looking forward to reading all about it.