Jul 26 2006


Good Update!

What with all the bad news (camera, BlogHer, dog-size rats, etc.) it comes as a relief to be able to report back to you all about something that could have gone very badly but has, instead, gone well.

My property Manager and Landlord believe us about the stove and are not going to make us pay the $400 to replace it!


Not that they would have been able to get any more money out of us anyway. Like blood from a stone, people.

Jul 26 2006

Rat- you’re so Hard Core.

I’m very confused.

A couple of days ago, I set out traps for the rat(s) in our garage. I apologize for my heartlessness to those of you who enjoy the company of rats, but I hate them and want to see them die. (Actually, I don’t want to see them die, literally, ’cause- ew. I just want them to no longer be in my house or leave any trace that suggests their existence on the face of the earth.)

This morning I went out to the car and glanced around at the traps (read: checked the ones under the stairs compulsively because I’m so scared of the rat that I don’t even want to walk above it) and noticed something very strange: two, TWO, traps were gone…

The thought I’ve had in my head ever since is of the rat wandering around in my garage with both sticky traps attached somewhere on it’s body. I can’t imagine how it can live normally with  two huge traps attached. I’m dreading finding this thing. The thought is at once hilarious and horrifying. I actually don’t want the thing to suffer, I just don’t want it in my house (that’s how I feel about all of the pests- rats, mice, hamsters, birds, bugs, snakes, republicans, evangelical christians, etc.). Is it ever going to die or get caught or will it just keep picking up more traps and start a punk-rat trend?