Aug 18 2006


It was funny the other night. Maybe not so much now. I have been a little punchy lately- the lost sleep due to hellacious teething.

Oh, and my Birthday/Housewarming party is now officially off. We’ll do something some other time. It’s just too crazy/busy/sleepless right now. I don’t want anyone in my house at the moment. I might snap and make you clean every dog hair off of the bathroom floor! (My dog stank so badly last night when we got home that I immediately shut her in the bathroom and tortured bathed her. Now the bathroom has a lovely black coat…) I snapped at John last night about how he keeps closing the window in MY bathroom. “Why do you have to close the fucking window? If you don’t like it open, DON’T FUCKING GO IN THERE!” And I love him even more than I love you guys  (and I totally love you guys) so I have no idea what I would do to you. Really, you should thank me for not inviting you over. Crazy could be catching. And you might just be forced to take home a teething 9 month old. Scary.

Aug 18 2006

Cole VS Kermit: SMACKDOWN!!

I guess Kermie got a little tired of Cole chewing on his eyeballs.

So he attacked!

Cole was surprised, but Kermit was WAY out of his weightclass and Cole was able to shrug him off fairly easily.

Cole thought it was over, but you should never NEVER turn your back on an angry muppet.

Kermie comes from out of nowhere and tackles Cole!
Cole is almost pushed to the ground due to sheer shock. He doesn’t know what hit him.

Cole tries to crawl away, but Kermit is tenacious and he hangs on.

To gain the advantage, Kermie turns to dirty tricks and BITES COLE’S EAR!!!
In his fury, Cole is able to shake the nasty muppet off of his back.
Kermie’s in trouble now and he knows it!

Cole pushes off a final attack.

Then he flips Kermie over and gives him a mean mouth stretching that he’ll not soon forget.

Match goes to…. COLE!!

Hey Mom, I’m number ONE!!!
Aug 17 2006


Busy today.

Coming tomorrow (I hope): SMACKDOWN!

(No, not like Amalah’s. Better.)

Ooh- you just can’t WAIT, can you?!

Aug 16 2006


Yesterday, at daycare, Cole climbed backwards out of his sling chair, which he was firmly strapped into, and fell out and landed on his face on the tile.

I have mixed feelings about it. On one side, I feel like screaming “You lazy fucking neglectful abusive BITCH!” and on the other side I realize, hey- it could have happened while he was under my care, too. Shit happens. Babies get bumps and bruises and it’s usually their own fault. I’m not going to put Cole into situations that I know are in any way dangerous, but I can’t protect him from every ache and pain, either.

It’s tough. You want to always be there for your baby, to protect, nurture, and show him you love him every minute. But it doesn’t work that way. I’m not ready to give that up, but I have to. He’s growing up so fast.

Cole will be fine. It looked for a little while that he might get a shiner, but this morning the bruise color had faded considerably. I’m not really mad at his daycare lady; I know she would die before she let any of her babies come to any real harm. She loves them completely, as if they were her own. I trust her and I don’t worry when Cole is there.

But it was still just a little bit harder to hand Cole over this morning.

Aug 15 2006

HE did it.

For the first time last night, Cole pointed at my face and said clearly and decisively: Mama.

After I re-formed from the puddle I had become, I caught him up and cuddled and smooched the heck out of him. He probably won’t do it again ever because he thinks he was punished for it!

But what a beautiful word it was.

Aug 14 2006


This weekend was so nice.

Friday night we went to a street “faire” and just walked around. Didn’t spend a cent. Even got free champagne! Then we went out to dinner with my parents which is (nearly) always nice.

We also found out that, due to someone leaving the company, my husband may be in a REALLY good position for a nice raise. Gotta love that!

Saturday, Cole, my mom, my sister, my nephew, my sister’s friends, their kids, and I went to a blues festival here in town. There was some really good music! Sadly, the kids (not mine) wore themselves out and we had to leave earlier than I would have liked. My sister and I cooked a pretty decent Thai curry stir fry (she sliced up her finger so I ended up doing most of it) and the kids actually put THEMSELVES to bed! Incredible!! (They’re 4, by the way)

Sunday, we had a delicious crepe breakfast. It was make-your-own and we had blueberries, mango, nectarines, ricotta, mozarella, basil, tomato, and Bananas Foster-type bananas that I made (First time- no recipe. I’d say that I pulled it outta my ass, but that’s never a good phrase to use about cooking.). Then we just lazed around the pool until the visiting folks had to go home.

And my sister brought John a Kermit the Frog doll. We’ve been trying to find a Kermit puppet for years because John can do the voice so well and the things he says are so funny, but Kermie puppets are nearly impossible to find. The Kermit doll was a very nice surprise. Cole likes to chew his eyeballs. (Damn. I forgot to get a picture of that. I owe you.)

Aug 14 2006

I did it.

I finally gave him a haircut. A real one, not just a little trim around the ears. While he was asleep.

Here are a couple of pictures from Friday when his hair was still long. You can’t see it really well, but you can kinda catch the curls that were starting. He was looking awfully shaggy.

Here baby, try some ice.

Whoa- that shit’s cold!

And here are some pictures from this morning- two days, one haircut, and one bath later:

I tried to get a better picture, but this is mostly what I got:

Knock it off with the effin’ flash already, Mom.

But he looks precious- trust me. And I’m very proud of the job I did. Even his daycare lady was impressed, and she’s never happy with ANYTHING parents do!

What do you think?

Aug 10 2006

A small slice of neurosis.

So I got this gorgeous new camera, right, because my old camera bit it. I bought a case for it and everything, that’s how much in love with it I am. I never had a case for the old one in all the three years I had it (and I wonder why it broke!). This camera is delicious and sparkly and whiz-bangy and good.

And I’ve taken exactly 7 pictures with it in the two weeks I’ve owned it.

What the hell is my problem?

Is this going to be like the sticker thing? When I was growing up I had a fascination with stickers. Any stickers. Even the ones off of fruit. But I loved them so much that I couldn’t EVER use them.

Instead, they stayed in a paper bag in my desk drawer. I would take them out and categorize them on my bed, occasionally thinking “I could use this one on Grammy’s birthday card” or some such thing. But I never did.

When we moved from Pittsburgh back to California, we threw away/gave away/donated/sold almost everything that we felt wasn’t entirely necessary so that we’d be able to get everything into one moving truck. I still have those stickers. None have ever been used. Some are the ugliest things you’ve ever seen. They are all stickers only a little kid would like. I don’t take them out any more even. I have no idea why I still keep them.

Anyway, I just don’t want the camera to be like the stickers. In my head it’s as if I could use it up or something. It’s like I can only use it if I have the EXACT PERFECT picture I want.

What a dumbass.

(And don’t even get me started about using candles.)

Aug 10 2006


That’s IT?! I invite you all into my home to celebrate the 27th anniversary of my birth and I get TWO responses?!


You guys don’t love me at all, do you?

You’d better all have really good excuses for not showing up. Living in another state is not good enough!!T

Aug 09 2006

How many times can I say birthday? Birthday birthday birthday birthday…

Sooooo… My birthday’s coming up. Just thought that was an interesting little tid-bit. Do with it what you will.

Because my bithday’s almost here, I’m planning a birthday party. I would have it on my actual birthday (the 20th), but we have an event the day before and who wants to party on a Sunday, anyway?

So I’m having it on the 26th. It’s a Saturday. It’s also going to be a housewarming party, though that seems a little silly now that we know for sure we only have about 9 months left.

But whatever- a party’s a party!

And did I mention that my birthday is around the same time?

If you will be in central California on August 26th and would like more information about my birthday party (’cause you know you love me and want to bring me stuff come party and eat good food), drop me a comment or an email (my profile has my gmail) and I’ll write back with the details.

Please come. Our parties are always so pitiful- we have lots of food and drinks and, if we’re lucky, about 2 guests. What’s wrong with our parties? Do we smell?

Show up (and try not to barf on the dog) and I’ll love you forever. Swear.