Aug 02 2006

Did I show you this one?

Yosemite/Half Dome from Glacier Point

And did I tell you about the tooth? The one that bullied its way through my son’s gums? The one that, though not yet big enough to bite, continually scrapes, scrapes, scrapes away at me as he nurses at night?

Why did I want him to have teeth?

When will I stop wishing for things that are going to be bad for me?


(Pre-teeth) Oooh! I can’t wait until he has teeth! Oh my gosh- then he’ll be like a real person, only, tiny! How cute!! SQUEE!

(At first emergence of teeth) TEETH! TEETH! Aw! Good job, baby! You did it! What a big boy!!

(A few hours after first emergence of teeth) WTF? Teeth! There are fucking teeth in there! That BITE! Like TEETH do! Who told you you could grow teeth? And they’re friggin SHARP, like little baby shark teeth. ‘Cause they’re new and haven’t been ground down by all the years of chomping on stuff. But you’re making up for lost time, aren’t you? What?! More teeth?! Knock it off with the teeth already! Who needs more than two, anyway?

But then, I guess, you get over it. After all, who can resist that goofy, two-bottom-toothed baby smile?