Aug 04 2006

Yo! Big guy!

Cole had his 9 month well baby check-up yesterday.

21 lbs., 11 oz (75th percentile)
30 inches tall (95th percentile)
1 ear infection

Yup, he’s a big guy with a funky ear.

They gave us a prescription for amoxcicillan (which, by the way, I just spelled right the first time. Am spelling GOD. I should win a freakin’ medal.) which Cole took this morning without a fuss. In fact, he was pissed that I wouldn’t give him any more. That kid will eat ANYTHING.

Otherwise he was fine. He smiled and giggled at the doctor and all the nurses. Even when the doc had to dig wax out of his ear he didn’t cry- he just squirmed a little. When the doctor moved Cole’s hands away from the stethescope, Cole just gave him his little crooked grin like “yeah, you caught me. I was going to yank that out of your ears and shove it in my mouth- you’re right.”

I have the best kid.

Now, can somebody send one of the hotty pediatricians everyone is always talking about my way? Because Cole’s doctor? Yeah. Not so much of the hottness.

***Updated to say: Am complete moron and damn google made me not realize it. Can’t spell worth a damn, in fact, and should get a boot to the head instead of medal. I apologize for my bravado, especially since I can’t spell apologize right the first time most of the time, either.***