Aug 07 2006

Channeling Sally Field

This totally rocks! I was CHOSEN (Cue:Choir).  I was the blog of the week over at Princess and Johnsy‘s. I feel like I won something.

I never win anything.



So it was a really nice way to start my week- coming into the office to find all of the lovely comments. I do love me some comments.

And it was a pretty good weekend, too.

We started it on Friday by playing Bocce ball with my parents and some of their friends. Actually, I didn’t so much PLAY as sit around and drink wine and crack dumb jokes all night. But it was fun. And I made brownies.

I love brownies.

On Saturday John and I cleaned and cleaned and I ransacked “Cole’s” room looking for the missing crib pieces (they disappeared in the move and so we haven’t had a crib since February). I was able to find them and we set up the crib. Or, as I should refer to it, O lovely, lovely bringer of deep baby through-the-night sleep, I WORSHIP you!

Cole LOVES his crib. LOVES IT. He will play in it, stand up in it, chew happily on its railing. And, best of all, SLEEP! Through the night! Two nights in a row!

Of course, I still did not sleep through the night as I had to wake every 15 minutes just to check that he was indeed still breathing and he wasn’t too cold.

Also Saturday night (though, I have to admit, somewhat eclipsed by the delicious baby sleep), we had our good friend Ticknart over for pizza and movies. We kicked it old school and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on video. Cowabunga! It was radical, dude.

On Sunday we saw John’s brother (who we haven’t seen for 4 years, mostly because he’s been in jail and on meth) and his 14 month old daughter (who we met for the first time). His brother has now been clean for 14 months and is trying really hard to regain custody of his daughter (who is totally cute). He’s doing great and we’re really proud of his achievements.

Then we saw some friends and got some really fun news (not of the baby sort, though that’s always fun, too). And I made tilapia tacos which were really bland (so, SO sorry).

And then I came to work and you all were here!

Fantastic all around (though I think I should work on those damn tilapia tacos.)