Aug 08 2006

Tacos, babies, real estate, and good times.

Firstly- the questions:

Yes, I still check my Hotmail account, but I hate it. Gmail is better.

Tilapia is fish. The 13 year old part of me just thinks that “fish tacos” sound… icky. And maybe a little bit dirty.

And anyway, Tilapia taco sounds much more fun when you say it. Tilapia Taco, Tilapia Taco, Tilapia Taco, Tee-laah-peeah Taah-coh.

They were bland because I wasn’t expecting to cook for company and just happened to have Tilapia in my frige and had never made Tilapia tacos before. I know now what I would do differently next time. The good side of how I cooked them was that I was really hungry and everything went from fresh ingredients to finished dinner in about 15 minutes.

Any more questions? Really, if you have any, ask away! I’m nearly shameless. I’ll answer almost anything. And I could use the help for material…

Cole is here at work with me today. His daycare has the day off. As always, it’s wonderful to have him near me all day, but it certainly doesn’t make it easy to get anything done.

Last night John and I got a call from the owner of our house. He is selling it. We have at most a year and at least 9 months to find somewhere else. It sounds like a long time, but we only just moved in. I’m not ready to move again. I don’t want to move unless it’s into a house that I OWN, and I don’t know when we’ll be able to afford a house around here (right now “starter” houses are going for about $350,000. Um, yeah- I don’t have that kind of money. Not even enough for a mortgage for that kind of money.)

So, we have to devise a scheme to make the real estate market come down and FAST. Any ideas?

To end on a good note, friends are moving into town and other friends aren’t moving away (yet). I see some major creative, productive times ahead of us. It could be really fantastic. I’m so optimistic. I’ll keep you all updated.