Aug 09 2006

How many times can I say birthday? Birthday birthday birthday birthday…

Sooooo… My birthday’s coming up. Just thought that was an interesting little tid-bit. Do with it what you will.

Because my bithday’s almost here, I’m planning a birthday party. I would have it on my actual birthday (the 20th), but we have an event the day before and who wants to party on a Sunday, anyway?

So I’m having it on the 26th. It’s a Saturday. It’s also going to be a housewarming party, though that seems a little silly now that we know for sure we only have about 9 months left.

But whatever- a party’s a party!

And did I mention that my birthday is around the same time?

If you will be in central California on August 26th and would like more information about my birthday party (’cause you know you love me and want to bring me stuff come party and eat good food), drop me a comment or an email (my profile has my gmail) and I’ll write back with the details.

Please come. Our parties are always so pitiful- we have lots of food and drinks and, if we’re lucky, about 2 guests. What’s wrong with our parties? Do we smell?

Show up (and try not to barf on the dog) and I’ll love you forever. Swear.