Aug 14 2006


This weekend was so nice.

Friday night we went to a street “faire” and just walked around. Didn’t spend a cent. Even got free champagne! Then we went out to dinner with my parents which is (nearly) always nice.

We also found out that, due to someone leaving the company, my husband may be in a REALLY good position for a nice raise. Gotta love that!

Saturday, Cole, my mom, my sister, my nephew, my sister’s friends, their kids, and I went to a blues festival here in town. There was some really good music! Sadly, the kids (not mine) wore themselves out and we had to leave earlier than I would have liked. My sister and I cooked a pretty decent Thai curry stir fry (she sliced up her finger so I ended up doing most of it) and the kids actually put THEMSELVES to bed! Incredible!! (They’re 4, by the way)

Sunday, we had a delicious crepe breakfast. It was make-your-own and we had blueberries, mango, nectarines, ricotta, mozarella, basil, tomato, and Bananas Foster-type bananas that I made (First time- no recipe. I’d say that I pulled it outta my ass, but that’s never a good phrase to use about cooking.). Then we just lazed around the pool until the visiting folks had to go home.

And my sister brought John a Kermit the Frog doll. We’ve been trying to find a Kermit puppet for years because John can do the voice so well and the things he says are so funny, but Kermie puppets are nearly impossible to find. The Kermit doll was a very nice surprise. Cole likes to chew his eyeballs. (Damn. I forgot to get a picture of that. I owe you.)

Aug 14 2006

I did it.

I finally gave him a haircut. A real one, not just a little trim around the ears. While he was asleep.

Here are a couple of pictures from Friday when his hair was still long. You can’t see it really well, but you can kinda catch the curls that were starting. He was looking awfully shaggy.

Here baby, try some ice.

Whoa- that shit’s cold!

And here are some pictures from this morning- two days, one haircut, and one bath later:

I tried to get a better picture, but this is mostly what I got:

Knock it off with the effin’ flash already, Mom.

But he looks precious- trust me. And I’m very proud of the job I did. Even his daycare lady was impressed, and she’s never happy with ANYTHING parents do!

What do you think?