Aug 18 2006

Just an aside…

The other night I was wandering around the grocery store wondering at all of the adults that seemed so…happy. It seemed like they were all about to go to a really great party, and perhaps had already started imbibing at home. I could not figure out why until I overheard a kid say “It’s the first day of school tomorrow, isn’t it Mom?” And she said “YES!”

Back to School. By the way, Mervyn’s is having a great sale in celebration. Cole now has clothes for a while.

Aug 18 2006


It was funny the other night. Maybe not so much now. I have been a little punchy lately- the lost sleep due to hellacious teething.

Oh, and my Birthday/Housewarming party is now officially off. We’ll do something some other time. It’s just too crazy/busy/sleepless right now. I don’t want anyone in my house at the moment. I might snap and make you clean every dog hair off of the bathroom floor! (My dog stank so badly last night when we got home that I immediately shut her in the bathroom and tortured bathed her. Now the bathroom has a lovely black coat…) I snapped at John last night about how he keeps closing the window in MY bathroom. “Why do you have to close the fucking window? If you don’t like it open, DON’T FUCKING GO IN THERE!” And I love him even more than I love you guys  (and I totally love you guys) so I have no idea what I would do to you. Really, you should thank me for not inviting you over. Crazy could be catching. And you might just be forced to take home a teething 9 month old. Scary.

Aug 18 2006

Cole VS Kermit: SMACKDOWN!!

I guess Kermie got a little tired of Cole chewing on his eyeballs.

So he attacked!

Cole was surprised, but Kermit was WAY out of his weightclass and Cole was able to shrug him off fairly easily.

Cole thought it was over, but you should never NEVER turn your back on an angry muppet.

Kermie comes from out of nowhere and tackles Cole!
Cole is almost pushed to the ground due to sheer shock. He doesn’t know what hit him.

Cole tries to crawl away, but Kermit is tenacious and he hangs on.

To gain the advantage, Kermie turns to dirty tricks and BITES COLE’S EAR!!!
In his fury, Cole is able to shake the nasty muppet off of his back.
Kermie’s in trouble now and he knows it!

Cole pushes off a final attack.

Then he flips Kermie over and gives him a mean mouth stretching that he’ll not soon forget.

Match goes to…. COLE!!

Hey Mom, I’m number ONE!!!