Aug 24 2006

Programming notes

In case you don’t go back and read my comment sections obsessively (gosh, why not? You must be CRAZY not to.), I will make a general announcement.

I turned 27. I am now 27. 27.

(Knock, knock, knockin’ on thirty’s door, Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah, Knock knock, knockin’ on thirty’s door…)

Actually, I’m not upset about it. I have everything that is really important to me and I feel very successful so far in my life. Plus, have you seen my kid? That gorgeous one? Yeah- I’m cool.

Of course, if anyone wants to offer to be my patron so that I can stay at home and paint and take care of Cole, I wouldn’t turn you down. Just sayin’.

On a mostly unrelated note, but since I’m in an announcement kinda mood:

The picture at the top is mine. Please don’t steal it. Please don’t make too much fun of me for it, my almost 30 year old feelings are very delicate. It is (sort of) of my sister. I’m very fond of it. And of her, come to think of it.

I will be doing some slow work on the site- mostly just adding some of you lovelies who come here so often and say such nice things to me (you ROCK!!). Many of you have so generously given me some space on your sites and I am happily going to return the favor. Just as soon as I have time.

Aug 24 2006

If there was ever a photo series meant for his yearbook…

Adorable little devil.
Charming. Just charming.

What a precious child.

*Gasp* Isn’t he just the handsomest?

Of course, he comes by it naturally.

The face he made when he saw me through the screen.

But he still loves me bestest.

Actually, he was laughing his tiny butt off at the faces I was making and at the fact that I was copying him. He just LOVES to smash his face against things- the pack-and-play walls, his crib slats, the wall, my face. I think it must be a teething thing- pressure headaches because of the shark teeth slicing through his gums at a geologic rate. At least I hope it’s a teething thing.


Aug 24 2006

A miracle…of sorts.

Holy shit- I’m actually facing in the right direction. How’d that happen?

Anyway, I guess this is proof that I actually do things right sometimes. The beautiful, perfect child I created, I mean.