Aug 25 2006

I’m Scheming and Plotting

In other words, I’ve got nuthin’ today. Absolutely zilch. Nothing to tide you over for the weekend. Nothing to make you laugh, make you cry, make you wish you never started reading this damn blog in the first place. Now that’s really nuthin’.

I’m really glad it’s Friday.

In the “nuthin’” theme we have going,  I have to warn you all that I will be on vacation from Thursday until Tuesday. Good for me but bad for having posts up. I’m going to the “wilderness” of no internet connection to camp.

So help me out, lovely readers. I need something! Anything! Hey, how about questions!! You ask me all of the burning questions you have inside about me, my blog, make-up, art, costuming, pop-psychology and I’ll answer. If I don’t know I’ll make shit up and that could be interesting, too.

I have tried this question thing before and got ZERO questions. Do you all already know everything (considering I write about EVERYTHING here, that is a possibility)? Do you not care? Do you not really have the time and energy to do my work for me while also leading your busy lives?

Well, I’d love questions if you have the time/interest/time/time again (I know it’s my biggest problem!).

Hit me!