Aug 30 2006


Hmmm… what’s this?

Oooh… Twisty! Bendy!

What is it attached to?

I know! I’ll follow it!

Oooooo… Glowing… Noisy… AWESOME!

Love the Vaccum. Stroke the Vacuum.

(Hello! Cameo of crazy dog.)

Vacuum? You are beautiful. Yes, you! I love the way your attachments snap so nicely to your body.

Vacuum! Where are you going? Come back Vacuum! COME BACK!

Yes, Cole is obsessed with the vacuum. I must admit, it is a rather nice one, but, in my opinion, not worthy of the sort of fascination he has for it. He follows us around the house trying to lick it or stick his fingers in it, which…Ew. To each his own…

Also, check out the mad real crawling skillz.

(Also note: LAST DAY BEFORE VACATION! I’m OUT, peeps… or something like that. Never been so good with the slang. Foul words, yes. Slang, no.)