Sep 11 2006

Back Then.

I was in my car and happened to switch on the radio, which I normally didn’t do at that time. I had just pulled into the college parking lot (next to the Psychology building) and I was staring quizzically at the dashboard, trying to figure out if the coverage was a joke like War of the Worlds. Then I realized that it wasn’t. I was instantly hit with panic, sure that John would be enlisted in a draft and have to go to war. Classes were cancelled. Absent- minded professors were informed. I went home and watched the coverage on tv with tears and snot rolling down my face because I was sure I would lose John. I still have nightmares sometimes that the military will take him away.

The rest of the week found me really hating people. If you had been in classes with the people I was you would have hated people too. Or maybe not, because I have misanthropic tendencies to begin with.