Sep 13 2006

Oh Crap.


For real.

Sometimes without holding on (until he realizes).

He’s just getting so big.

I love you peanut. You’re my favorite.

(PS: WAH!!!)

Sep 13 2006

Just Plain Sucky

I went out on a limb and asked my supervisor for a change in my schedule. I asked to work only 4 days a week, having weekends and Wednesdays off. She was actually encouraging, but had to ask one of the leads in the department for which I work. He shot it down completely, saying that we are drowning in work and need a full-time, everyday person in this position. But it’s a lie. On average, I have only about 2 real hours of work to do every day, and most of it isn’t necessary to be done immediately. They can’t even give me enough work to keep me 50% billable, so why do they need me here every day?

It has made me bitter and depressed. Irrational, selfish behavior always does that to me. I’m fighting the urge to just not do any work for this particular person in retaliation, but I guess I’ll just suck it up. This morning I was seconds away from quitting. In fact, I even said “I quit” to my supervisor, who then said ” No. That doesn’t work for me. And I don’t think it really works for you, either.” I love her.

Does anybody have any ideas? Here are the limitations: I work 8-5. I can’t have Mondays off because another Assistant already does. I can’t have Fridays because, of course, they always wait until the last minute to get shit to me. I can’t come in late because my husband and I only own one car and we drive in to work together. I can’t leave early because, again, they wait until the last minute, goddammit. I can’t quit because we can’t afford it and I wouldn’t have health insurance.

I’m stuck, aren’t I?