Sep 20 2006

IT Genius. Or: Well, Now We’re SURE He’s a Guy.

This-here keyboard is broken.

I will fix it with my precision computer-fixing tool, aka plastic Ladle.

Strange, but this tool doesn’t seem to be doing the job…

I see! I was just using the wrong end! Fix, you blasted thing, FIX!

Oh. It wasn’t plugged in.

Oops. Heh.

Forget it. I’m playin’ video games.


Sep 20 2006

Programming Notes

Sorry, folks. I had to turn on stupid password verification because I’m being smacked in the head with comment spam. Feckers. (Yeah, I really mean feckers. It’s a family joke.) (Or maybe just a me joke.) (At any rate, it makes me laugh.)

So now you must do a little more typie-typing before you can post your lovely and illuminating comments for which I yearn.

Thanks for sticking with me.