Sep 27 2006

In a Mood.

Well, I’ve done it again, haven’t I? I’ve lost nearly all of my readers. It’s a good thing that I write because I’m compulsive and not because people actually read this shit, isn’t it? Who wants to be well known, anyway? Then you have to deal with all of the trolls and stalkers and spammers… at least, that’s what I tell myself when I start feeling lonely.

I’m sure I did it to my own self, what with my total inability to comment or, if commenting, the unbelievable ability to make a total ass of myself (I’m differently-comment-abled). Why would you read and comment on a site whose writer rarely acknowledges your existence, even when you leave lovely, supportive comments? You wouldn’t (obviously). (Y’know, I am a MAD lurker on all of your blogs though.)

Well, poo. Thanks for all of your comments while you were here. I looked forward to all of the emails in the morning. You all get me through some days when I’m not sure what else would. I love bloggers. They’s some awesome people. I talk about you all as if you were my real-life friends (Nice. Some of them may not have been scared away before. Good Work!)

***Updated to add: I’m too lazy/too much of an ass (you pick which) to comment on YOUR blogs, but, apparently, not on my own. Big loser points to me for commenting in my own comments (and then updating about it!). Thank you. I will be accepting the “Loser Blogger of the Year” award any moment now, I’m sure.***

In gossip today, Cole’s daycare lady bought a Hummer H2. In Yellow. Because she wanted to have it to look at.

I’m paying her WAY too much money.