Oct 10 2006

Cut and Ride, not Run.

Well, I guess I don’t get to show you all what I really wanted to, so I suppose I’ll just have to tell you and save the pictures for when Blogger gets its freakin’ act together (grumblemumblegrumble).

On saturday, Cole got his first real haircut. That is, a haircut from someone more professional than me who might be able to cut his hair while he’s awake and not make a hack-job out of it.

We went to John’s barber, a very talented woman, and John got his haircut first. We had Cole watch and we talked about having him go next. When it was his turn, John stayed covered and held Cole in his lap. Cole was very interested in what was going on around his head, but he wasn’t bothered by it. We were told to expect crying, particularly when the clippers got close (the noise, not being nicked), but that didn’t happen either. He was wonderful. The barber was really impressed. His haircut looks great, which I would be able to show you if I could get Blogger to post ANYTHING properly. Dammit.

We also put together the new tricycle. I tried to put it together on Friday, and I got a good way into it, until I realized that I had crimped a metal part too soon and had to try to pry it apart again. Damn, did I feel like an idiot. I was afraid that I had ruined the whole thing before we’d been able to get any use out of it. You think the cost made me sick before? Think about how I felt when I thought I had effed up so badly.

But I’m a stubborn bitch and I pried that sucker back open and made it work. Cole was able to ride for the first time on Saturday. He LOVES it. He doesn’t pedal- can’t even touch the pedals with his feet- but he just loves to ride and hold the handle bars. He also likes to occasionally pull on the hand brake, which is not so pleasant for whoever is pushing him. He rode the first couple of times without a helmet, but I started to feel weird about that and so now he has to wear one. It’s not like he goes that fast, and he doesn’t really like the helmet, but I figure it’s a good habit to establish. By the time he can argue about it it’ll just be the SOP- you want to ride? You have to put on the helmet. That’s all there is to it.

He looks adorable, which I would also show you if I could.

In totally unrelated news, we saw a real estate agent last night and I will be meeting him to look at houses on Saturday. I have my eye on a couple of places, including one downtown that doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the pictures of the inside make me think it has some potential. I’m very excited about the idea of finally being a home owner. I know a lot of other responsibilities and expenses can come with it, but I’m tired of renting. I want my own garden. I want to be able to make changes or improvements and not have to leave them when I move. And if I feel like painting my kitchen red, I’m going to paint my kitchen red, dammit! And I won’t have to answer to anyone! (Except maybe my husband… Oh well.)