Oct 13 2006


Still no pictures…*sigh*…

Cole has been sleeping really poorly lately. They’ve been the kind of nights that make you realize how much you must love your children, because if it was anyone else you’d just have to throw them head-first into a chipper, Fargo style.

I don’t know why he’s been waking up so much- a pattern of night waking turning into a habit; teeth; hunger due to growth spurt; stuffy nose; hating mama and dada? It could be so many things. This whole pre-verbal stage is getting really old…

Anyway, we’ve been wiped. So totally wiped. Ah- the joys of parenthood!

Speaking of those joys (you might want to shut your eyes and yell LALALALALA rather than read this, but I’m writing it anyway), this morning Cole was having a poop, which I identified easily because of the grunting. I could tell it was a difficult one because he usually doesn’t take long, and because the look on his face was getting more and more concerned and serious. After a few minutes, he let out a scream like I’ve never heard come out of him before. I thought- ah yes, I remember this from the days of living with my nephew!

I cuddled him and pulled his legs up to his belly as I walked to his room. When I took off his diaper- Eureka! The source of the problem! Just as I had surmised.

His poop, it would not come out by itself. I had to wrap my hand in a wipe and ease it the rest of the way. And then there was the blood. Oh poor baby!

But he’s fine.

So yes, the absolute JOYS of being a parent. You get three hours of sleep and wake up just in time to yank poop out of your screaming child’s ass. Delicious.

(Maybe you’re glad there are no pictures…)
(I’m totally kidding. I would never take pictures of this.)
(I at least wouldn’t post them.)

Don’t you childless readers want to have kids now?!