Oct 19 2006

Sleep? I used to know about that.

I’m going to enter a picture in this photo contest . I just can’t decide which. I’m going to post both that I like here so that I can see them together. Maybe I’ll come to a decision before the 27th. Possibly.

Oct 19 2006

Go. Watch.

This is pretty wonderful.

I wish I liked Dove products more.

Oct 19 2006

After much deliberation over the amazing names offered by my creative readers (you guys are just so sexy when you’re all clever like that), I have come to a decision.

I have to agree with many of you who cast votes in favor of this name, even though it was not to your advantage if you wanted to win. I appreciate all of the love you give to your fellow commenters. It’s so nice to see you all being so supportive of each other. You guys play so nicely!

Anyway, I have chosen the name “Sehr Schnell” from Ticknart, though, after the debacle yesterday, perhaps I should be naming it “the Punisher.” Wait… that’s it! Sehr Schnell, The Punisher (that’s Schnellie to you!).

Thanks to everyone who participated. I have to give special thanks to Alliya who, though joining us a bit late, gets the title for “Most non-Sequiter and ‘Huh?’-inducing Tricycle Name Of The Year” for her entry of “Oprah’s Couch”. It was tempting, but then I’d have to think about Tom Cruise every time Cole wanted to go ride and…Uggghhhh*shudder*. No.

(Of course, Oprah’s couch did have Barak Obama’s butt on it yesterday. He’s totally my one and only Politician Crush.)

So- Sehr Schnell, The Punisher it is.

Josh will be receiving a lovely gift as soon as I can figure out what that will be. But I swear- you’re really getting something! I promise!

Oct 19 2006

The first pictures I get to show you in a long time and they are of pain. Nice.

These are from Tuesday after the step incident.

A popsicle, y’know- for the swelling.

I’ve never seen a kid cry about a grape popsicle before…

Am I extra awful because I just laugh every time I see that pouty face? It’s sad, but it’s also just so cute.

Oct 19 2006

Step away from the mama.

On Tuesday I went home sick after only 5 hours at work. I didn’t go in at all yesterday. Today I’m back, and Cole is definately better for it. I am clearly a hazard for my son.

My evidence? Tuesday he  was cruising around, using the edge of the couch back for stability. When he got to the tile step, he let go. Because of the graham cracker in his hand, he couldn’t catch himself properly and he slammed his face into the edge of the step, busting open his upper gum (right where his new tooth is coming through) and hurting his tongue. He managed to miss his lip completely, thank goodness.

There was blood and screaming and masses of tears. He’s okay, no stitches needed or anything, but I’m still reliving it.

Yesterday I took him outside on his tricycle, thinking we both could use a little fresh air. Not five minutes into the walk, he stuck his feet (clad only in socks and soft leather slipper-shoes) up against the front tire and one got sucked up underneath the tire-cover thingy, stopping the trike cold. I couldn’t figure out why we had stopped like that until I heard him start to scream.

This time there was no blood, but the place on his ankle lost a couple layers of skin and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up bruised.

So I think he’s actually safer at daycare today.

I know these things happen, really I do. But just because he’s going to get hurt from time to time doesn’t mean I have to like it or want to be the cause.

I don’t really feel any better today. My head is throbbing, my throat is sore, and I feel really dizzy. I desperately need some real sleep. Not just the hour or so that I get between the times when Cole wakes up and wants me. He stands in his crib and points at me and cries. Who could refuse that? Especially when I have the ankle and the mouth to make up for. Ugggh- the guilt. It is crushing.