Oct 25 2006


And again- today is another milestone. My little peanut butter cracker, my bubba, my pickle-butt, my preshie-pants- he be 1! One year old, and I’m feeling just wretched about it.

I think about all of the moments I have missed and they gang up and rip my throat out.

My baby. My baby no more.

All I can see in him is the little boy. His cheeks are slimming, his back is broadening, his legs aren’t so bandy, his movements are so deliberate and becoming so precise. He doesn’t cry like a baby, he doesn’t eat like a baby, he doesn’t poop or smell or sleep like a baby anymore.

It’s gone, and my memory isn’t good enough. Do you know that we own a video camera but have never taped him? Not ever. It makes me sick.

But he is so wonderful. As we bounced on the bed this morning singing our birthday song, I was struck with just how fabulous he is and how I can’t wait to see the amazing adult he’ll become.

My little boy.

Today is Cole’s Birthday;
Come we all and let us sing.
Wish him health and all good things.
Today is Cole’s Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
We love you.
Happy Birthday and may all your
Dreams come true.
When you blow out your candle,
One light stays aglow.
That’s the love-light in your eyes
Where-e’er you go.

I love you Cole. Happy Birthday (baby).