Nov 01 2006

Happy Halloween!

Oh, wait. That was yesterday, wasn’t it?

Ummm… yeah. I’m still out of it. We had a lovely party on Saturday. I was so stressed out that it was like I wasn’t even there, but it was wonderful to have so many fantastic people in our house. Thanks for making the trip, everybody, from both near and far.

But Sunday I started to feel really run down. And Monday I came to work, but only made it until 10:30. I went home with chills, painful skin (does this just happen to me? Because everyone I explain it to thinks I’m crazy), and aches. Every time I turned my head I felt dizzy. It was so awful. I didn’t even bother trying to come to work yesterday.

I did take Cole out last night with his cousin. We went to about 7 houses and then called it a night. I don’t think I could have walked any farther. I was feeling so wasted that I didn’t even remember to take pictures. Luckily, other people were with it enough to take pictures at is birthday party on Saturday and it is only thanks to them that I can share this cuteness with you.

But this one is from last night after trick-or-treating. He was just pooped and crashed out on the couch. I love the child’s pose (aka- butt-sticking-up). He’s just so sweet.

(That’s the unitard that was under his bee costume. He looks hilarious in it. I told him he looked like a modern dancer and he chose that moment to make a very artistic arm movement. When I copied him he thought it was VERY funny. John and I were laughing so hard that my eyes were watering.)

(I have also been promised pictures of a birthday-cake-frosting covered baby boy which I will share with you as soon as I see them!)