Nov 03 2006

I still feel funky. I’m not really feeling sick ,but I also don’t really feel well. If I knew it weren’t impossible (and believe me- it’s IMPOSSIBLE), I’d wonder if I were pregnant. This feels like early morning sickness- queasy, craving salt, tired constantly, headaches… Of course, it also could just mean that my appetite is finally coming back after its hiatus of the past week. I think I’ve also been dangerously dehydrated. I’m bad about that whole “drinking fluids” thing. Some days I only get my cup of coffee in the morning. That’s bad, isn’t it?

Tonight, a bunch of tired parents are going out to a Dervish concert. Tired parents except for my mother, who is well-rested. She told us yesterday that she’s going to drive herself there just in case she wants to stay out later than we do. It feels strange to have gotten to a point in my life when my Mom, who’s in her early 50′s, is more ready to party than I am. Oh wait. No- this is MY mom we’re talking about. Never mind.

Cole did a better job of sleeping through the night last night. More accurately, I did a better job of not getting up and bringing him into bed with us, like the lazy, sleep-deprived mother I am. We all slept better. I wish it made more of an impact on how I feel now.

That’s all I have right now- randomness. That’s just how my head feels. Getting any actual work done today should be an interesting excercise. Wish me luck!