Nov 08 2006

General update-y type stuff.

Cole finally had his One year check-up today. Aside from two ear infections, he’s doing great, according to the doctor. I coulda told you that. Not fond of this doctor.

He gave me another prescription for antibiotics for Cole’s ears, which John and I have already decided not to fill, and instead will just keep an eye on him. If it seems like he’s actually being bothered by them , then we’ll fill it. But with the cough, the vaccination boosters (3), and the flu shot, I just couldn’t bring myself to pump more junk into his little body (that was 4 shots total. FOUR.). Besides, antibiotics are so rarely even necessary for ear infections. Most other countries don’t even prescribe for them because they just go away on their own more often than not.

I hate how overprescribed antibiotics are in this country. Sometimes I really hate American medicine in general. But I suppose we save a lot of lives and make stunning new advances in treatment and all that. So…anyway.

I had to fight with the doctor about the chicken pox vaccine. I don’t believe that it’s good. At all. I’m still feeling a little paranoid that, even though I told him that Cole was NOT to have that vaccine, he forgot to tell the nurse who prepared the shots and he got it anyway. I need to get his records to try to put my mind to rest there. I might sue if he went ahead with it anyway, and I’m really not litigious by nature. It’s that important to me.

For reference, Cole’s last stats (only about a month ago):
30 inches
24 pounds

Cole’s new stats:
31 inches
24 pounds

Seriously- I could have sworn that he gained a few pounds. I think that everyone who holds him regularly would have been in agreement. But there it was on the scale- 24 pounds. He’s stretching out and getting to be a lean little boy. Really, he looks fabulous. We’ll start his modeling career any day now.

Can you imagine growing an inch in one month though? No wonder he’s cranky sometimes.

He was very brave about the shots (did I mention there were 4?). The first one went in and he just gave me a funny look. It was only when the second was being pulled out that he realized the level of suckitude that he was experiencing and started to cry. He cried until I pulled him into my lap to try to get his mind off of it all with a magazine with cute babies in it (he’s very into pictures of babies right now). Then he discovered his Bugs Bunny bandaids and all was well.

I asked for a sticker from the receptionist so that Cole would have something to keep him busy on the ride to daycare. She gave me this look like she really didn’t want to give him one and then sighed and asked if there was one already up there that he’d like. I just grabbed one and left.

It turned out that I grabbed a ghost sticker that had little face stickers so that you could put a the facial combination you chose on the body of the ghost. I made one with a funny face for Cole and stuck it on is fingers. I knew he was playing with it in back, but I didn’t pay much attention (as I was driving at the time). When we got to daycare I discovered that he had chewed the head off of the ghost and that the head piece was missing. He had fallen asleep at some point during the ride and I feared that he had the piece in his mouth. I pulled down his lower lip and, just as if he had been a chewer all of his life, there was the mashed up ghost head, sitting like a little plug of tobacco. Yuk.

Oh, as we’re going with the general theme of Cole updates, he’s been hitting at school. His daycare lady tells me that he’s extremely stubborn and willfull (I wonder where he got that?) and that when he thinks that he’s right he’s liable to hit the party who is threatening to take what he thinks is his. He hasn’t hit us at home. Usually he does the “cry until I get it back” routine (which doesn’t work even a bit, so I’m not sure why he’s persisting) or the “passive resistance/act like I suddenly can’t stand and no longer have any shoulders” routine. Cute. I thought he was supposed to be older before we got this crap. Anyway, the point is that I can’t even work with him about hitting because we never see it. I feel a little guilty, because I know that he is one of the favorites where he goes and the girl he is hitting the most is kind of not (my daycare lady is weird. Great with the kids, but a psycho freak bitch otherwise.). I do think we’ve finally stopped the biting though. Brat (goddamn, do I love him).

Nov 08 2006


But not surprising, sadly.

I just checked the election results for everything I voted on. They were in an online article from our local paper. It gave the comparisons between how our county voted and how the state voted (California). If the county I live in had its way, the Republicans would have swept the floor with the Democrats in every race. We’re an anomally. Thankfully, the rest of the state balanced us out.

It’s strange to be reminded once again of how different my views must be from the people around me. Nothing like an election to make you feel like an outsider.

Nov 08 2006

We voted!

How about you? You didn’t vote? Are you crazy?

Cole’s pretty pleased with how things are generally turning out, too.

Nov 08 2006

More good news.

Bye bye, Rummy baby. We’ll miss you! Wait. No we fucking won’t! See ya, bitch!!