Nov 09 2006

I’m such a dork

(But what else is new?)

I’m usually 4th string back-up receptionist where I work. With so many people out sick or leaving early today, I’m up to the second on phones.

The first on phones called me a couple minutes ago to ask if I could cover phones for a bit so that she could clean the kitchen (if there are saints in the world? She is one of them.). I said of course and then got into some other work I had.

Not five minutes later, the phone began to ring. At every ring I thought “why aren’t they getting that? Why aren’t they effing getting that?” It was almost at the last ring before the service picks up when I realized Oh eFF! I’M supposed to be getting that.

I’m such a dork.

Nov 09 2006

Switch Bitch**

John is trying to convince me to switch to Blogger so that I can use their Beta features. I’m less than impressed at the moment. Blogger irritates me in general and I’ve found nothing, features wise, to make the hassle of the switch worth it. In some ways I’d love to switch to MT or something like that, but my host doesn’t support it and I’m not so obsessed that I’m willing to go out and spend money for my very own spot (though, elex- I’m sure we should be pitching in at some point here. Just let us know, man.).

The point of this is if any of you are on Blogger Beta and want to pitch it to me (or do a pros/cons thing), I’d be very interested and grateful. At the moment I’m feeling pissy about it, though, and that never lets me weigh something fairly. I’d love to hear from some real users.

Honestly, I don’t give a s**t about tags. More stability would be nice. Being able to post pictures when I want to would be real special. That’s what I really care about. And preserving all of the effing work I’ve done in the last (what- 3? something?) few years. It’s not good, but it’s mine and it documents parts of my life that aren’t in any other way.

So thanks in advance, if you choose to drop me a line. You’re fantastic.

**The title of a funny adult short story book by Roald Dahl (I love him so much). You should read it.