Nov 13 2006

So Friday. Yeah. I wasn’t here. Unexpectedly.

I got a call late on Thursday from his daycare that Cole had a fever and was “inconsolable.” I knew already that he had the two ear infections (I think I mentioned that, right?) but I hadn’t filled his antibiotic prescription because I hate antibiotics. HATE.

Anyway, I rushed to pick him up and found him to be his normal, happy self. But he did have a fever (102) and so needed to go away from other children. The policy at the daycare is also that he needed to stay at home the next day, so I was FORCED into staying at home on Friday with a not-really-very-sick child and feeling fairly well myself. Big BIG bummer, I tell ya.

I did break down and get the effing prescription, though. M*@#*$&%@$* doctors.

Cole was the preciousest monkey this weekend. Such a sweetie. I think I kinda love him. Weird. What freak loves their own beautiful perfect child?

He now gives kisses on command. (Hear that? That was my heart exploding with joy.)

He’s also been biting ALL.THE.TIME. Little pooper. At least he only bites me. When I yell and say “NO BITING!” he just gives me a devilish grin and taps his lips. STINKER! I think he must think that “no biting” means “oh yeah! Bite me again because it’s like tickles and I know it means that you really love me.” He actually left marks on Saturday. I know he’s teething, but- damn. It still freakin’ hurts.

(Anyone know how to make a 1 year old stop biting? Anyone?)

Now I feel like I have a sinus infection. I have so much pressure in my sinuses, headaches, and a sore throat. Yuk. I’m really glad that this is the last full week before Thanksgiving (when I’ll have 5 days away from work in a ROW!!).

Okay. Enough randomness.

Nov 13 2006

Quick Answer

I am and I am not on Blogger. No, this is not a zen thing. I use Crumpled as my host, but I publish and have comments through Blogger.

I can never do anything the easy or simple way. I can actually blame it on my husband for real this time, except that if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be doing it at all, so I thank him instead.

More later.