Nov 15 2006


How frustrating. To work as hard as we do and make as much as we do (which isn’t a lot, but still should be enough to get us out of the working poor category) and still not be able to afford much of anything in the way of a house.

I won’t go into details, but we are about $100,000 short of qualifying for a mortgage that would get us something worth having. It’s sad that a young, educated, two-income family would have this much trouble in America these days. It scares me for other people who I know are worse off than we.

No decision has been made because we may have some hidden resources that would get us a lot closer. But we may not. We may be forced to rent forever.

No wonder people rush into interest only or adjustable rate mortgages without thinking of the future. They make it so easy to choose those options. We will not.

I still want that house so badly. It sounds so materialistic, so shallow, but it really hurts that it may be so far out of our reach. It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility, but pretty damn close.