Dec 01 2006

I’m SO mature.

Engineer in my office on the phone:

“No vibratory equipment, then.”

He said Vibratory. And Equipment.


Dec 01 2006

What am I doing?

Aw shucks. You folks are all just so gosh-darned nice about those photos. Especially when all I could think was “it sure would have been nice if I had had a chance to put on even a smudge of make-up. ” Seriously- I had nuthin’. No foundation, no powder, no eye junk, no lip stuff. Nuthin. I never wear it anymore and so I didn’t even have so much as a chapstick. Despite that, I am honestly pretty pleased with how they came out, especially since it could have looked like this:

(Lay off the pot and chocolate, woman!)(Actually, I’ve never smoked in my life, but…whatever.)
(I CAN NOT believe I just put that up. I really need to work on those masochistic tendencies. I’m really sorry for the pain I have caused.)

But you can see how a little spiffing up could have helped us not have to take three million pictures before one came out with my eyes all the way open and drool not coming out of the corner of my mouth.

I love photo editing software. It lets me cut myself out of pictures and keep my cute kid in.

Of course, cute?

Well… maybe that’s subjective. But there’s never any question that he comes from me!