Dec 05 2006

My brain says “Thhhuuuupppppb.”

I want to write something. Really I do. But all I can think about is budgets and home repairs and retaining walls and grammergrammergrammer and waste water treatment plants and sewer and borings and test pits and mean bosses and mortgages and “christmas” vs “holiday” vs “end-of-year” parties and having to spend an hour exchanging red and green candles for white so no one will fucking be offended.

If you want to hear about any of that, let me know. For now, I won’t bore you.

Dec 05 2006

But who would I give it to?

Demotivators from Despair, Inc.

I have to figure out who would appreciate one of these calendars. I was shaking with laughter. It was hard to choose which one to put up- all seemed so appropriate. But, seeing as how I work with engineers…

Passive-agressive much?