Dec 07 2006


(Or: Do not fuck with me or my money. Baby needs new shoes.)

Did I tell you all about the oven thing? The one where we’ve always cleaned our own damn oven by hand and didn’t know anything about “Self-Cleaning Ovens” and so had no clue in the world what the lever that said “LOCK” on it meant and so slid it to the lock position to keep out the inquisitive toddler and lost our dinner because we couldn’t get it open again and John tried his hardest to wiggle it open and, in the process, boke off the whole fucking “LOCK” handle? That one?

And then how the technician came out and pissed around for EXACTLY a half of an hour, which I know because I had to lose a day of work to be there and I was watching his every move because it was just me and a 1 year old in the house with him and I glanced at the (very accurate) clock on my microwave about a bazillion times because I just had a feeling that something would happen and I would have to know the time?

So, last night I got an invoice. For 120 FUCKING DOLLARS. FOR HALF AN HOUR. WITH NO PARTS. On the bottom of the invoice he had written “1:00-2:00, $80 an hour, 1 hour.”

Okay- lie already, but I took into consideration that maybe he has a minimum charge of one hour. I know we bill in minimums of 1/4 hour here, so I get that.

But then on the side it said “Service Charge =$80. Labor Charge =$40.”

Ummmm… Huh?

I called my property management company and said (though much more politely) “WTF?!”

She said “I see what you mean.”

She called the appliance place and spoke with the guy who just happens to be the bookkeeper and the new owner. He insisted that he had been there an hour, in fact- more than an hour, but he was a nice guy and wasn’t going to charge us for the rest.

When she told me I basically sais “Oh no. I don’t fucking think so.” and called the ass myself.

I actually threatened him. I told him that he has a shitty reputation in this (small) town and that he should think REALLY EXTRA hard about what this $40 was going to do to him. He said that he had to call the property manager and I said “You’ll never do business with me or my family again. And you’ve lost the property management’s business, which I ‘m sure was important to you. You do what you think you have to do, but just think about what that $40 is really worth to you.” I sounded awesome, but I was shaking so hard (I tend to get really wound up in confrontations).

I hung up.

I got a call a few minutes later. I noticed that the number was my property manager. I was still so shaken that I let it go through to voicemail.

She said “I’ve talked to the guy at the appliance place. Though he still won’t admit that he’s wrong, he is agreeing to drop the $40. Sorry for all the trouble!”

Victory is so sweet. The $80 still sucks, but I hardly even care any more. I won.

Never mind the 6 lost hours of work, the lost dinner, and my lost time fighting it. I fucking WON.