Dec 11 2006


I will probably be putting up some pictures, but I don’t have any yet, and then they have to go through the rigorous screening process for web-post-ability. But I wore makeup this time, so I’m hoping that there will be something…

We had our company party on Saturday at this place. It was lovely. We stayed the night there, too, in one of these. Gorgeous. We brought in a babysitter and so we didn’t have to drive home and we didn’t have to be back at a certain time and I was almost a little drunk with the feeling of freedom. Or maybe it was the Manhattans. Yummy.

And we looked Goooood. I had on my favorite BCBG polka dot dress that John bought me for valentine’s day pre-baby. It still fit! That could have been enough to make the whole night good. I also had seam-up-the-back stockings and a garter belt (though I didn’t show that to anyone. I wasn’t THAT drunk. Plus, my DAD was there.). I’ve never worn a garter belt before. It was…different. I wore my really high, peek-toe shoes for the first time in a while and was only as drunk as I was (really, not very. I exaggerate. Usually.) to kill the pain in my poor, poor toes. They’re still a little numb. And I actually had my hair DOWN for once. Amazing!

Cole had a good time with the babysitter- his first ever (besides daycare). He took it really well and didn’t even cry when I left. He only cried when I thought someone else was watching him and he took a header off of the couch and smack-dab onto the edge of the coffee table. I know it was really a desperate plea for attention, though, and that it meant that he really didn’t want me to leave. I know it. The fact that he was happily playing seconds later means nothing.Nothing!

Cole, the babysitter, Spencer (his cousin), and twin 7-year-old girls were all there together. I was afraid that the older kids would run right over him so I asked the babysitter to please keep an extra close eye on him. Apparently, the girls were doing their usual “We want to play with the babydoll” (meaning Cole) routine which consists of picking him up, hauling him to another part of the room, getting bored, and dumping him on the ground, when Spencer actually stood up for his little cousin! The kid who usually is the one to torture him! You know why that makes me extra happy? Because, as you’ll know if you have siblings, it’s okay to beat up and be mean to your own sibling, but it is NOT okay if somebody else tries it. I believe this is more or less universal and I’m thrilled that Spencer realizes now that Cole is family and, therefore, worthy of this treatment.

So it was a wonderful night all around. Except, what “luxury” hotel doesn’t have at least one jacuzzi tub? Preferably they’d have one for each guest and enough hot water to fill them all simutaneously. And bubbles. And candles. And, while we’re at it, champagne. Dammit.

(And let us no longer speak of hot water as I did not get a hot shower this morning and John did. That is all.)