Dec 22 2006

Okay. I Lied.

That wasn’t the last post. It was going to be but then I remembered that I had totally meant to tell you my new Cole story and didn’t. You aren’t getting away without the Cole story! I mean it!

Last night Cole was playing very quietly by himself in the corner with an antique truck (this was a truck that belonged to my grandfather and every kid in our family since has played with it, too). Spencer, his cousin, came tear-assing into the room, yelling and singing and making his usual racket.

Cole kept playing for a minute, then turned around and very seriously said “Be quiet. Shhhhhh” with his precious, pudge-a-licious pointer finger pressed against his lips.

My mom and I looked at each other to confirm that we had just heard the same thing.

Then, a minute later, he did it again. It was unmistakeable. And precious. And holy crap did my tiny baby just do that?

I can’t stop laughing about it.

Dec 22 2006

Last Post Before Christmas

I am done. Just done with it. I don’t even care that I haven’t finished shopping. I’m out of time, out of money, out of energy. I’m done.

I was trying to finish a present for someone special last night and my sewing machine broke. The whole damn needle assembly came off as I was happily stitching away. I’m lucky it didn’t fly off and embed itself in my eyeball (one of my sewing worst-case-scenario nightmares).

Probably needless to say that that person isn’t getting much from me this year. At least not until I can find someone to fix my machine.

(Note to anyone looking to make me their BFF: Amazon has a Brother serger for only $200. I WA-ha-ha-ha-ant!)(Now back to reality, nerdface.) (I’m the nerdface. Not you. You’re lovely.)

The (boring, but what he wants) presents came for my husband, but the presents that were supposed to be for me (that he ordered and I honestly know nothing about) have not. We might actually surprise each other for once this Christmas if my stuff makes it here on time. Usually we are so excited to give each other the gifts that we hand them over about 2 minutes after we get them. It’s nice to have a real surprise sometimes, though.

I gave the engineers their presents today. I made each of them an M&M; subdrain. I used cheap measuring cups and layered in 5 kinds of M&Ms;, starting with the biggest on the bottom and moving to the smallest on top. Then I put in a red licorice “pipe”. For the card, I drew a subdrain and labeled it with the various layers of M&Ms.; I wrapped the whole thing with fabric (subdrains are wrapped with filter fabric) and tied it with a bow. I don’t think real subdrains have a bow, but it looked nice so maybe they should give it a try sometime.

Anyway, that was a long way of saying I’m a dork. I think they appreciated it. They’ve given me nothing, which is what I expected. They’re engineers- need I say more?

After all that, I really am excited about Christmas. I like it now more than I used to. Now I can sleep the night before and I can watch my child’s excitement. I don’t know if he gets the idea of presents yet, but I think he’ll be digging on the wrapping paper.

Have a wonderful, fabulous, relaxing Christmas/Last day of Chanukkah/Winter Solstice/Kwaanza/Japanese New Year/Festivus/Whatever… HOLIDAY!

You know, I think I’m more excited about the day off than anything.

Dec 22 2006

Do Some Good.

I know that I do most of my blog reading with a feed-reader, so I often don’t catch changes in blog designs and such until it’s mentioned somewhere in a post and I click over to check it out. So, just in case many of you are doing the same, I am going to mention here that I’ve started a campaign with Heifer for a modest $120 donation. I will be donating and I hope that you can find a little extra in your budget to do the same. I’m getting nothing out of it except the reward of knowing that I have lovely and generous friends and readers. Please check out Heifer’s site even if you don’t have the funds to donate now. They are a worthy and wonderful organization, and I would give them more if I could.